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17″ Tall U-shaped Garden Kit

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Product details

Introducing our latest garden kit: the GROBOX U-shaped Garden Bed. Designed for convenience and efficiency, this unique wrap-around configuration maximizes your gardening space, making it perfect for growing a bountiful array of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The U-shape allows for easy access from all sides, ensuring effortless maintenance and harvesting. Transform your garden with our U-shaped Garden Bed this season!

You can combine this kit with our Extension Kit to build even more sizes, the possible configurations are unlimited. Made of ZAM Steel, which is superior to AluZinc and 2-6 times more corrosion resistant than regular galvanized garden beds!

Please be aware: The corner panels in our L-shaped and U-shaped kits are distinct from those in our 9-in-1 and Round Garden Kits, they are not interchangeable. However, the straight side panels across these kits are identical and can be mixed and matched for added versatility in your garden layout.

What sets us apart from the rest?

GROBOX garden beds feature the latest innovation in the industry. Made from ZAM Steel with a food-safe, USDA-certified paint finish, and complimented with 100% Stainless Steel hardware & commercial-grade rubber edging.

When choosing garden beds, you need materials that are both strong and safe. That's why GROBOX only use the highest-quality materials to provide unmatched durability and maximum safety for all your gardening needs.


safe and non-toxic garden bed material for growing food crops
Safe for food crops

Made from non-toxic materials, GROBOX garden beds are safe for food crop gardening. ZAM Steel is very resistant to corrosion, its component metals are all naturally found in soil. In fact, similar material has been widely used in water tanks due to its stability and safety. 

eco-friendly garden bed material that is recyclable metal
Eco-friendly & fully recyclable

ZAM Steel is an environmentally-friendly material manufactured using green practices. GROBOX garden beds will last for decades, and when it’s time to replace it, you can feel good knowing that it is 100% recyclable.

Modular garden bed that can be customized online
Modular design

Designed to fit your garden space perfectly, our kit provides 9 possible configurations from a single compact package, customizable to fit any space. Whether you’re growing a small herb garden or starting a self-sufficient food garden, GROBOX can adapt to your unique space.

durable metal garden bed with long lifespan of 20 years
Built to last
Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions and provide a lifespan of 20+ years. GROBOX garden bed is 7 times more durable compared to wooden or plastic garden beds. It also outperforms regular galvanized coating by 2-6 times!
best garden bed depth or height for healthy plant roots
Healthy roots & happy plants
Most garden beds available on the market are less than 12″ deep, which is not sufficient for healthy root growth. Deeper soil allows for the growth of deeper roots, which results in healthier plants. Our 17″ tall garden beds provide the optimal depth for plants to develop strong, healthy roots. 
non-toxic garden bed material for growing food at home
metal raised garden beds with stainless steel hardware
100% Stainless Steel Hardware

100% stainless hardware provides superior rust resistance.

Additionally, we use rounded cap nuts instead of regular nuts for enhanced security.

metal raised garden beds with edging that is safe for kids and pets
Reinforced Safety Edging

Commercial-grade rubber strips cover the edge of the panels for added safety and a smoother look.

With rounded corners and smooth edges, our garden beds are a safer choice for households with kids and pets.

GROBOX VS. other brands

What makes GROBOX garden beds superior to the competition?

Features Other Brands GROBOX
Modular Design NO YES
Panel Thickness 0.3-0.5mm 0.6mm
Food-safe and Eco-friendly Not sure 100% Non-toxic
100% Stainless Steel Hardware NO YES
USDA Approved Paint NO YES
Safety Edging NO YES
24/7 Customer Service NO YES

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