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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions you care about. If you still need help, please contact us at hello@grobox.ca

Product & Material
Are Grobox garden beds bottomless?

Yes, our garden beds are bottomless. This design allows for free drainage and better root growth. Bottomless beds help plant roots extend freely and access water & nutrients in the ground below.

What are Grobox garden beds made from?

Grobox garden beds are made from ZAM Steel, finished with premium food-grade, USDA-certified paint from AkzoNobel, and come with 100% Stainless Steel hardware. The combination of these high-quality materials provides long-lasting corrosion resistance and ensures maximum safety for your gardening needs.

What is ZAM Steel?

ZAM Steel refers to Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium alloy coated steel, an innovative steel finish that is exceptionally different than other steel treatments. This amazing steel product is created by hot-dipping steel substrate in a proprietary coating of Zinc, Aluminum, and about 3% Magnesium. Compared to other advanced steel coatings such as Aluzinc, ZAM coating have remarkably superior performance in extreme environment (especially in agricultural and coastal applications). What also set ZAM coating apart from the rest is its unique self-healing characteristics. Zinc and Magnesium in the coating work in synergy to form a dense protective film on the metal cut edge, sealing and protecting the exposed steel substrate from corrosion.

What are the advantages of ZAM Steel compared to other materials?

Exceptional Corrosion Resistance & Superior Durability: ZAM Steel is 7 times more durable compared to wooden or plastic garden beds. It also outperforms regular galvanized coating by 2-6 times with its superior long-term corrosion resistance. With ZAM Steel’s low corrosion rate, GROBOX garden beds are built to last more than 20 years in extreme environments.

No Toxic Leaching or Soil Contamination: Unlike treated wood or plastic, ZAM Steel will not degrade under extreme temperatures, and will not leach toxic chemicals into your soil or contaminate your plants. Safe for organic gardening, GROBOX garden beds give you peace of mind when growing your own food.

100% Recyclable & Eco-friendly: ZAM Steel is an environmentally-friendly material manufactured using green practices. As the world’s most recycled material, steel shines with its 100% recyclability. You will enjoy a long useful life on your GROBOX garden beds with its superior durability. By choosing a long-lasting product, you also help reduce environmental costs from replacing short-lived garden beds.

Excellent Strength: ZAM Steel’s surface is 5x harder compared to wood or plastic, and 2x harder compared to regular galvanized steel. The high-strength profile of ZAM Steel makes GROBOX garden beds more resistant to wear and tear.

Advanced Heat Reflectivity: ZAM Steel has a higher albedo capacity, which means it absorbs less heat under the hot summer sun. It keeps the soil at more even temperatures compared to other garden bed materials such as wood, concrete, or dark plastic.

Is Grobox garden beds safe for growing food crops?

Absolutely! Grobox garden beds are made from 100% non-toxic materials, safe for food crop gardening. ZAM Steel is very resistant to corrosion, it requires very high acidity to corrode its coating, and its component metals are all naturally found in soil. In fact, similar material has been widely used in water tanks due to its stability and safety. Our food-safe, USDA Certified paint from AkzoNobel is specially formulated for the farming industry, designed to withstand harsh environments, and provides excellent protection against elements.

How thick are the Grobox garden beds?

We use heavy-duty 0.6 mm thick ZAM-coated steel sheets for our Grobox garden beds. Please be aware that different sources may define the gauge of thickness differently, we recommend always inquire about the actual thickness when you compare products.

Will Grobox garden beds overheat under hot summer conditions?

Nope. One of the advantages of Grobox garden beds is its superior heat reflectivity. ZAM Steel has higher albedo capacity, which means it absorbs less heat under the hot summer sun. It keeps the soil at more even temperatures compared to other garden bed materials such as wood, concrete, or dark plastic.

Order & Shipping
What shipping methods are available?

Our primary carriers are UPS and Canpar, which provide reliable and efficient delivery services. However, it’s important to note that UPS and Canpar are unable to deliver to PO Box addresses. If a PO Box is your only available address option, please contact us for a custom shipping quote with Canada Post.

What is your Return Policy?

We have a 30-day Return Policy for accessories (excluding Garden Kits), which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

For Garden Kit returns, please refer to our 120-Day GROBOX Guarantee for detailed information.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes, we do! Check out our Gift Card options here.

What surface can I place my garden beds on?

You can place your Grobox garden beds on any level surface, including lawn, soil, concrete, or pavers. However, for optimal root growth and drainage, it’s best to place your garden bed on top of grass or soil.

Can I place my garden bed on concrete?

Yes, you can place your garden bed on concrete. However, please note that the soil may stain the concrete. You can line the bottom of your garden bed with landscape fabric to minimize leaching.

How should I prepare the surface before installing my Grobox garden bed?

If the area has grass or high weed pressure, start by removing as much of the grass or weeds as possible. We highly recommend installing a weed barrier in the area where you will be placing the garden beds to reduce maintenance needs in the future. You can use landscape fabric or cardboard as a weed barrier. Once the weed barrier is in place, you can cover it with wood chips or mulch.

If rodent pressure is high in your area, consider placing the garden bed on galvanized hardware cloth to keep rodents out of the bed.

How do I fill my Grobox garden bed?

We recommend using the Hügelkultur method, which is beneficial for your garden bed and helps save on soil fill. This method involves layering organic materials such as logs, branches, leaves, and compost at the bottom of the bed before adding soil on top. This not only reduces the amount of soil needed but also improves drainage, retains moisture, and provides long-term nutrients for your plants.