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Aluminum Bracing Rods – Twin Pack

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Product details

Bracing rods are designed to reinforce extra-long or extra-large garden bed configurations, ensuring that your garden beds maintain their shape and structural integrity over time. These rods are made from strong and never-rust aluminum and feature an internally threaded design on both ends, allowing for easy connection to the bolts and washers included in the GROBOX garden bed kit.

Our 32″ Tall 9-in-1 Kits are equipped with 4 bracing rods as standard, while the 17” Tall 9-in-1 Kits do not include bracing rods by default. If you’re planning to extend your garden bed beyond the 9 standard configurations, or simply seek additional support for peace of mind, our bracing rods are available to meet your needs.

By using our bracing rods, you can expand your creative possibilities and have peace of mind knowing that your GROBOX garden beds will maintain sturdy and strong, even under the weight of heavy soil and plants.

  • 2′, 3.5′,  and 5′ Bracing Rods are designed for GROBOX 9-in-1 Modular Garden Kits.
  • 2.5′ and 4′ Bracing Rods are designed for GROBOX U-shaped and L-shaped Garden Kits

Installation: The placement of the bracing rods depends on the configuration of your garden bed. Generally, rods are positioned across the bed’s width, centered along its length. For longer beds, you might evenly distribute multiple rods to maintain stability throughout.

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